The Radiance Series

The Radiance Series

Cabinet styles come and go, but there is always something appealing about a bit of gloss. This can make any room seem lighter and brighter. Incorporated strategically, it also makes an immediate visual statement. It's easy to see why high gloss is such an important feature in so many kitchens.

If you adore contemporary style but struggle to find original ways to incorporate it within your space, you're in luck: the Radiance series promises to modernize your design with doors and drawers that look amazing but also keep up with your high demands.

Cabinet Door Radiance Cashmere

This product's name perfectly captures what, exactly, allows it to stand out: its radiant appearance. Its high gloss gives it a remarkable sheen that will never fail to attract attention. This sheen remains impressive after years of use, as Radiance is purposefully built for durability. Its very structure allows it to resist everything from impact to heat and even UV discoloration.

Radiance feels new and exciting to American homeowners, but its modern aesthetic has actually been at play for quite some time now. In Europe, acrylic high gloss panels have been popular for several decades. They have yet to fully catch on in North America, but that's about to change.

As more and more people discover the contemporary appeal of Radiance, these panels are bound to reach a new group of enthusiasts — especially people who value practical solutions as much as they love modern style. You could be at the cutting-edge of this emerging trend as you embrace Radiance doors and drawers.

Do you like the idea of high gloss? Don't settle for just any product. In this guide, we'll discuss all that makes the Radiance series special. You'll come away knowing how to implement these doors and drawers — and how to protect them so they continue to shine bright.


Radiance products are versatile enough to be used in several contexts. Available as loose or cut-to-size panels, these are also designed for many different cabinet types. This includes a variety of sizes, with the maximum height reaching 96 inches when vertical grain is used.

While finished tops, bottoms, and sides are not included, it's possible to order a non-working extended full-size door to provide a more cohesive look.


The Radiance approach is made possible by sheen levels that deliver exceptional performance and aesthetics. This product's levels of performance include:


A powerful combination of melamine paper and a UV-cured topcoat produces an impressive 90 percent sheen level. What's more, the back comes with stippled textured melamine in a matching color.


Recycled and reclaimed medium density fiberboard (MDF) forms the basis of the core, which, when finished, has a thickness of 19 mm. For the face, colored foil and an acrylic/polyester topcoat create a 95 percent sheen layer while maintaining a thickness of less than 1 mm. The topcoat is resistant to scratches and other forms of wear and tear.

The materials for both the core and face are sourced from Spain. Both are carefully crafted to maximize durability without compromising on the modern appearance that is central to this collection's appeal.


Cabinet Door Radiance Textile Quartz

Materials and performance may be top considerations when choosing products from collections such as Radiance, but there's no denying the value of color. The right hue can freshen up any space while enhancing other features.

A wide range of colors makes the Radiance series appealing to all types of homeowners. Top shades include:

  • Blanco
  • Cashmere
  • Ice White
  • Textile Weave
  • Textile Quartz
  • Textile Cashmere

As you can see from three of the color names, Radiance provides the opportunity to make the most of the interior design world's latest trends. These textile-inspired doors bring a dynamic edge to any space in which they're included, while still remaining appealingly subtle. Models that incorporate a texture like appearance are perfectly at home within contemporary spaces, which increasingly look to three-dimensional designs to up the ante.


If you like the look of the Radiance doors and hope to incorporate them in your next design project, you'll want to get a sense for what the rest of your intended space might look like. Surrounded by the wrong elements, Radiance products just won't be as effective. While Radiance can work in many spaces, simplicity is generally the preferred concept.

Radiance products look best in streamlined, contemporary spaces dominated by neutrals. The occasional burst of color is fine, but in general, the goal should be to capture the minimalist aesthetic that exemplifies ultra-contemporary design. When in doubt, keep it simple with straightforward materials and patterns that prevent your space from looking busy. Clean lines are always preferred for this look.

Like all high gloss solutions, Radiance products are well-suited to small spaces. There, the right doors and drawers can create a perception of extra room, particularly when selected in lighter colors such as Blanco and Ice White. If you're struggling to make the most of limited space, the effect of the light bouncing off your new Radiance doors could make a discernible difference.

While Radiance is remarkably scratch-resistant as compared to many other high gloss products, it still works best in a vertical format. This is your opportunity to build a little contrast into your kitchen. For a compellingly modern look, try for high gloss cabinets in a light color, contrasted against darker countertops or an eye-catching kitchen island.


Cabinet Door Radiance Textile Weave

Like any high-end doors, Radiance products call for specialized care. They are certainly not difficult to maintain, in part because they are so durable. Still, it's important to follow these suggestions to ensure that your doors remain as radiant in years to come as they were when originally installed:


Many cleaners are simply too strong to accommodate high gloss surfaces such as the Radiance doors. Abrasive cleaners, in particular, should be avoided when possible.


These should be combined with the gentlest cleaners available. Never use paper towels, as these could cause permanent scratches.


A customized care kit is available to keep your Radiance products in pristine shape. This kit includes a specialized cleaner for light to moderate dirt, as well as furniture polish that resists fingerprints. You'll also receive a dust cloth and multiple polishing cloths.

All this might seem like a lot, but high gloss acrylics such as Radiance products are actually quite easy to clean. Keep it simple with non-scratch cloths and gentle cleaners. A few minutes of attention here and there will keep your cabinets looking gorgeous.

While a variety of doors can take your design to the next level, there's something truly special about the Radiance collection. These high gloss products go above and beyond to give your space the modern sheen you crave. This is your opportunity to visually expand any room while granting it a wonderfully contemporary aesthetic. Get ready to discover the beauty and practicality of high gloss acrylic.


Interested in upgrading your space with help from the Radiance collection? This is just one of many options you can implement in your home when you work with the team at Plain & Fancy. We know what it takes to create a truly radiant space. We will help you choose the right products to match both your vision and lifestyle.

You can also see our best products at one of our many showrooms. Our passion for cabinets and interior design is evident whether you visit us in person or reach out online. Contact us today to learn more about our design process or to get started with a consultation.


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