Best White Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Best White Kitchen Cabinet Colors

This prized kitchen color also offers the ultimate in versatility. It can easily be paired with other hues or used exclusively to provide a clean aesthetic. It's especially ideal for playing with textures — an increasingly popular option for bringing new dimension to modern kitchens.

Much of white's versatility derives from the many shades that are currently available. This color is far from monolithic; even slight variations can have a discernible impact on your kitchen's ambiance. Careful selection is critical, especially when choosing kitchen cabinets. After all, this key feature provides the most impactful burst of white in your kitchen. Cabinets also hold the most power to detract from the contemporary appearance you desire. In addition to examining colors and finishes, you'll want to think carefully about the other kitchen elements that can complement or detract from your white cabinets. Keep the following in mind as you design your dream kitchen:


How to choose the right colors and finishes? White is a far more versatile color than most people realize. Different shades of white can have a huge impact on your kitchen. Bright, pure hues, for example, deliver appealing light and energy. This can be ideal for small rooms with limited lighting. In such settings, bright white offers the illusion of space. Softer shades offer comforting, homey vibes, providing a mellow space that will instantly feel inviting. Whites with hints of grey work well in contemporary settings in which neutrals dominate.

No one finish is right in every situation, but careful selection can ensure that your cabinets capture the exact aesthetic you desire. Our favorite colors and finishes include:

  • White. Basic in the best possible way, this straightforward shade of white can successfully be incorporated in a wide range of kitchen designs. Its brightness will instantly punch up any space.
  • Cascade White. Grey is a hot color right now, but not everybody is willing to take the dive with darker shades. Cascade White injects just enough grey to bring neutral appeal into contemporary kitchens — and while still maintaining the open feel of white cabinets.
  • Dove White. This soft white pairs wonderfully with pastels and can quickly bring subtle feminine energy into your kitchen without feeling over the top. Dove White boasts a warm feel made possible by a touch of cream.
  • White Sand. Reminiscent of beautiful dunes along the shoreline, this off-white shade wonderfully captures shifts of light throughout the day.
  • Slate White. At home in a neutral-dominant kitchen, this appealing shade of white can bring a chic edge to any kitchen. It pairs nicely with neutrals but also can be incorporated alongside hints of trendy navy blue.


When it comes to kitchen design, less is more. This is especially true for white kitchen cabinets, which call for a clean look. One or two special elements — such as backsplash or patterned flooring — can add visual interest. Take it too far, however, and you'll distract from the sleek beauty of your white cabinets. A monochromatic, neutral-heavy design can help, but all-white kitchens are not necessarily needed to achieve a minimalist look. Ultimately, stand-out details should be chosen strategically to ensure that the entire kitchen maintains a simple, visually-pleasing aesthetic.

White cabinets with wood floor


The right woodwork can instantly bring warmth to any kitchen. Wood looks especially beautiful alongside white cabinets. Flooring is a natural choice for incorporating wood, of course, but this classic material can also be used creatively in several other contexts. For example, wood can form the basis of a beautiful kitchen island, topped with white to match the cabinets. If a large window brings light into your kitchen, consider maintaining the natural color of the wooden frame to build contrast into a white wall. While a variety of types of wood can successfully be implemented alongside white cabinets, walnut and rift cut white oak are among the most popular.


A patterned floor can do wonders for your kitchen. This is your opportunity to show a little personality. Patterns prominently featuring shades of white are especially ideal. This approach allows the most colorful elements to stand out without feeling cluttered. Pattern can also add a sense of dimension and movement to your kitchen, thereby granting it additional visual appeal. Patterns can make their mark with tile, laminate, linoleum, and even wood flooring.


Tile has long been a kitchen staple, and for good reason — it's versatile, durable, and easy to clean. It also works wonderfully with white cabinets. White tiles look especially impressive in minimalist, all-white kitchens, while colorful options can provide a beautiful sense of contrast.

Don't hesitate to play with unique shapes and patterns. Hexagonal tiles, for example, can quickly elevate any interior design, while chevron offers a decidedly modern look. You can't go wrong with the classic, yet modern look of white subway tile — but you're welcome to mix it up with alternating colors or other unique elements.

White cabinets with a pop of color


The occasional burst of color can do wonders for your kitchen. Carefully placed pops of color allow you to highlight favorite features or deliver visual interest without detracting from the streamlined look you find so appealing.

Kitchen islands offer the perfect opportunity for bringing color into your space. Consider lower cabinets in navy blue to contrast the white upper cabinets throughout the remainder of the kitchen. As mentioned previously, tiles and other types of patterned flooring can also deliver a more vibrant, colorful look.

The right touches can quickly amp up your kitchen, all while allowing you to make the most of your stunning white cabinets. Get on board with this appealing design trend, but don't hesitate to show your personality with details that complement the fresh look your cabinets provide.

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Best White Kitchen Cabinet Colors


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