Why We’re In Love With the Level FENIX NTM Door

At Plain & Fancy, we're proud to offer some of the most revolutionary cabinet options, several of which defy all expectations with their beauty and durability. We've seen every big update in the kitchen design sphere, and yet, we can't help but ooh and ah at a new favorite that goes above and beyond anything we've witnessed: the Level door featuring FENIX NTM.

This is a door you have to see — and touch — to believe. Doors with FENIX NTM look amazing in pictures but are that much better in person, as their tactile appeal cannot be downplayed.

We're excited to see these Level doors take over kitchens and other spaces all across the nation. To that end, we've highlighted the qualities we love most, as well as options for integrating these doors in a contemporary kitchen. We've also included simple suggestions for care so that your Level doors look as lovely in the future as they will on day one.

Benefits of the New Level FENIX Door

From aesthetics to durability, the Level door with FENIX NTM offers something for everyone. Design enthusiasts will appreciate its unique, yet compelling look, while neatniks will enjoy cooking without worrying about fingerprints. We could go on and on about the advantages these doors provide, but you'll quickly get the idea as you examine the top benefits detailed below:

Cabinet door samplesA New Take on Contemporary Style

The ultimate addition to a modern kitchen, the Level door with FENIX NTM delivers the clean lines you desire but also has an appealing element of softness that feels more welcoming than your typical contemporary space. These doors are extremely opaque, so they appeal most to anyone who appreciates the matte look.

Our FENIX NTM Level doors are available with the beloved Medley cabinet line, with top color options including:

  • Bianco Kos
  • Grigio Efeso
  • Grigio Londra
  • Nero Ingo

For the interior, choices include:

  • White melamine
  • White Grey Fog melamine
  • Woodgrain melamine
  • Birch veneer

The cabinets can reach a maximum height of 96 inches. Matching toe kicks are available, free of charge. Choose between a range of edge-banding options, including matching, 3D aluminum, and steel gloss.


Forget About Fingerprints

Soft, smooth, and luxurious, the surface of any door with FENIX NTM compels you and everyone else to reach out and feel it for yourself. Perhaps more impressively, you can do so without worrying about leaving fingerprints all over the door.

Low levels of light reflectivity combine with major opaqueness to limit the potential for fingerprints and other marks, so you don't need to spend quite so much time cleaning. This should be a relief for anybody who has dreamed of installing all-white cabinets but worried about the inconvenience of fingerprint removal.


Anti-Bacterial and Mold-Resistant Properties

There's more to cleanliness than fingerprint prevention. Aesthetics are a huge source of concern, of course, but bacteria and mold prevention is even more important.

If you're looking to keep your space as hygienic as possible, the Level doors with FENIX NTM may be your best bet. This solution is particularly compelling in light of COVID, as people are more conscious than ever about the potential for infection and the role of sanitized surfaces in keeping us safe.


Cabinets for a coffee barSelf-Healing for Longevity

In the past, even the most sturdy doors were vulnerable to minor scratches, which, over time, marred their appearance. These can be treated, but it takes time and effort that could be better dedicated to other projects. When Level doors feature FENIX NTM, however, this is no longer a problem. Thanks to the nanotechnology behind the material, self-healing properties actually reverse minor damage to keep doors in pristine shape.

As soon as you notice micro scratches on a door, you can use a slightly damp melamine foam sponge (otherwise known as a magic eraser) to gently wipe the compromised area in a circular motion. This will create just enough friction to provide surface-healing heat. Known as thermal healing, this practice will extend the life of your doors.

You may come across FENIX NTM demos in which the self-healing process is prompted by a hot iron, but this approach is not recommended for ordinary homeowners.


Say Goodbye to Warping

Even if they suffer few scratches, many doors eventually succumb to warping. This is particularly problematic in high-moisture environments, where humidity can do a number on otherwise durable doors. With the Level FENIX NTM door, however, warping will be a thing of the past. This door is uniquely resistant to moisture issues due to its engineered core. This construction makes it extremely stable, so you don't need to worry about shrinking, swelling, or other changes.


The Power of Nanotechnology

The unique look and feel of FENIX NTM is made possible by the outer surface's acrylic resin treatment. This involves a multilayered coating and curing via an effective process involving electron beams. Together, these steps form a strategic solution known as nanotechnology. Resins created by Arpa Industriale form the basis of this revolutionary approach, which has been referred to by some enthusiasts as space-age technology.


How to Make the Most of FENIX NTM With Level Doors

The inherent versatility of FENIX NTM means that Plain & Fancy's Level doors can be incorporated in a wide variety of spaces. These range from simple to elaborate.

Whether you want to integrate FENIX NTM within an existing kitchen design or start from scratch to create a noteworthy design around these remarkable doors, you can proceed as you see fit, free of the stylistic or practical concerns that may have influenced the cabinet decision-making process in the past.


Show Off Your All-White Kitchen

As mentioned previously, FENIX NTM products are great for classic white kitchens, where fingerprints are typically a concern. With the available Bianco Kos color, it's possible to visually expand small spaces via a universal shade of white that has a crisp, yet welcoming feel. This approach emphasizes the look of clean lines but keeps spaces inviting due to the door's soft-touch design.


Go Sophisticated With Black Cabinets

Black cabinets are a big deal right now, but they can be difficult to pull off. Often, people have the best of intentions when trying black, but it looks "off" for reasons that can be difficult to define. Plain & Fancy's Nero Ingo option defies all expectations, however, by bringing an air of elegance to any space. You can strengthen the effect by adding gold accents, marble counters, or luxurious backsplash.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Get in on the Grey Design Trend

Another trendy way to take on the best of contemporary neutral style? Incorporate grey elements. FENIX NTM offers multiple shades of grey that can easily be incorporated in modern spaces. Lighter-colored Grigio Efeso provides a great alternative to white. The deeper grey of Grigio Londra adds a hint of sophistication while still feeling down-to-earth.


Add Contrast to Make Your Space Pop

A little contrast can do wonders for a kitchen equipped with cabinets that feature FENIX NTM. This can take many forms. For example, a brightly-colored backsplash can create a wonderful accent piece if the rest of your kitchen is dominated by neutrals. The right hardware can also make a difference, as can stylish elements such as stainless steel appliances or modern light fixtures. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box and find unique ways to make spaces with FENIX NTM pop.


Making Your Level FENIX NTM Doors Last: Suggestions for Short and Long-Term Care

While Level doors featuring FENIX NTM are extremely resilient to scratches and warping, how you treat them can still influence whether they retain their pristine appearance. A small amount of effort can go a long way towards keeping your doors looking gorgeous for years to come. Keep the following in mind as you make the most of this investment:


Avoid Abrasive Products

From sandpaper to steel wool, abrasive materials should be kept far away from your Level doors. While the scratches they prompt can be addressed through self-healing measures, it's still better to avoid anything that will cause them to form in the first place. In most cases, a damp cloth with warm water should suffice.


Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

Check the acid and alkaline content for your favorite cleaning products before using them on any products involving FENIX NTM. The strongest solvents may not be compatible with our Level doors, as they risk staining the surface. Likewise, most wax-based cleaners and furniture polishes should be avoided, as they can cause a sticky layer to form. Over time, this could attract dirt and dust.

In most cases, soap and water are more than sufficient for cleaning and maintaining FENIX NTM. Don't get your Level doors too soapy or too wet; water should not be allowed to sit on these surfaces.

All this might seem like a lot to think about, but it's actually really easy: skip complicated cleaning products altogether and keep it simple with a quick wipe-down with a soft cloth — or a magic eraser when you notice scratches. Beyond this, FENIX NTM will handle most of the work of keeping your Level doors looking spectacular. You will be amazed how gorgeous they remain after years of heavy use — even in a high-traffic kitchen.


FENIX NTM: The Secret Behind the Most Beautiful and Luxury Level Doors

FENIX NTM truly is as awe-inspiring as we've made it sound. If anything, we've understated the appeal of this surface, simply because it's impossible to fully understand without seeing it on your own. We promise that you will be blown away by this revolutionary cabinet solution.

If you're ready to discover the appeal of the new Level doors — and why the addition of FENIX NTM is so exciting — you'll definitely want to stop by one of the Plain & Fancy showrooms or our design center in Schaefferstown. You will be in awe of these gorgeous doors and eager to get them in your kitchen as soon as possible.

Contact us today to learn how you can experience the wonder of FENIX NTM for yourself. We're happy to answer your questions or get you started with a design consultation.

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