Frequently Asked Questions

What does your warranty cover?

You can read more about our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

How long will it take to get my cabinets?

On average orders are completed within 8 to 10 weeks once your designer and you approve the order.

I’m interested in becoming a Plain & Fancy Dealer. Where can I get more information?

If you’d like to become a Plain & Fancy Dealer, please head over to our contact page to request more information.

Am I able to get a door or color sample?

Please contact your local Plain & Fancy Dealer to order any samples. You can locate one via our Dealer Locator.

I have a question regarding a recent order I placed with a Plain & Fancy Dealer. Who can I talk to?

We ask that you take any questions or concerns with your order to your Plain & Fancy Dealer. If for some reason they are unavailable, please email us or call 717-949-6571.

How can I clean my Plain & Fancy Cabinets?

We’ve provided an easy to follow video with all the information you need on caring for your cabinets.

My cabinetry is beginning to show wear and tear, and my supplied touch-up kit is dry. How can I get a new touch-up kit?

Please email us with your cabinetry’s job number or if possible, paint color. If your job was a custom color match, the best solution will be to take a door or drawer head to a Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore and have them color match it for you.

A piece of hardware (hinge, drawer guide, etc) on my Plain & Fancy cabinets broke. How can I get it replaced?

Please reach out to your Plain & Fancy dealer where your cabinets were purchased. You could also use the Dealer Locator to find a dealer in your area.

Additionally, for most hinge and drawer guide needs, you may reach out directly to the manufacturer of the hardware item in question. These items are typically sourced from Blum.  Plain & Fancy does not carry hardware such as knobs, handles or pulls, so inquiries related to those items will need to be directed elsewhere.

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