Creative Solutions for Using Black in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Creative Solutions for Using Black in Your Kitchen Cabinets

This hue has often been downplayed in favor of hardwood or all-white aesthetics, but designers and homeowners alike are now remembering the stylistic value of this approach.

Unfortunately, while black offers numerous benefits as a kitchen cabinet color, it can be difficult to pull off. This reality makes it feel like a risky option — and it drives far too many people away from a look that can stand out if implemented correctly. We strongly believe in the stylistic power of black cabinets. Keep reading to discover the range of possibilities available when you embrace black as a kitchen cabinet color:


Dark cabinets represent one of the most notable and exciting kitchen trends. They defy all expectations after years of all-white and neutral designs. Implemented correctly, these cabinets can up the sophistication factor in any space.

There's a lot to love about dark cabinets — but used in excess, these colors can make even the most expansive spaces seem smaller or less welcoming. Hence, the need for strategic designs that play up the elegance of dark colors without damaging the perception of space. Avoid this problem with help from the following strategies:


If you're interested in dark cabinetry but not daring enough to make it the primary style in your kitchen, consider limiting its use to accent pieces. These can serve as a powerful focal point.

Kitchen islands, in particular, are well-suited to dark cabinets. This approach extends the usefulness of islands, which, in addition to being used as expansive meal prep spaces, can also form an excellent dining area when they feature sophisticated dark colors resembling formal tables.

Islands may be the go-to option for playing up dark-colored accent pieces, but several other features can also serve this function. Standalone cabinets, for example, work wonderfully for this purpose. There's no better way to highlight your favorite hutch or china cabinet.

Black bathroom cabinets


Black is one of the most versatile colors imaginable. Its many options represent both a wonderful opportunity and a significant challenge. After all, without strategic styling, this hue can make spaces seem drab or even downright dreary. With a few simple details, however, spaces with dark-colored cabinets can take on almost any aesthetic imaginable, as we highlight below:


While dark cabinets can look refined all on their own, the right features can take this inherent sophistication up a notch. Options for enhancing the luxury of these already classy cabinets include:

  • Incorporating gold or brass hardware.
  • Displaying gold accents within hoods or other standout features.
  • Adding contrast with rich marble counters or backsplash.


Black is unique in that it can both evoke classic style and edgy trends. With contemporary design, the emphasis is not on the color itself, but rather, the presence of clean lines.

If you prefer a sleek, modern look, opt for flat panel or slab doors. These should feature high gloss finishes, which can instantly grant spaces a modern, yet upscale look. Open shelving is also an excellent option for contemporary kitchens that prominently feature dark colors.

Black cabinets with glass


If you prefer a traditional look for your kitchen, you can achieve it with help from decorative elements such as intricate hardware or crown molding. These should be displayed on flat or raised-panel cabinets.

Another wonderful option for traditional designs that incorporate dark cabinets: glass front styles. These can include light-colored interiors, which add a striking element of contrast while also displaying fine china or other beloved items.


Black might not seem like a natural fit for country or farmhouse styles, but it's easier to incorporate than you might think. The key to success with this unique approach: drawing on the distressed trend. Brushed finishes are especially effective in farmhouse kitchens that heavily feature dark colors.

If you need a quick solution to amp up the rustic vibes, try adding a farmhouse sink. Not only does this beloved type of sink offer plenty of timeless appeal, it's highly practical and can provide an element of contrast without compromising your preferred rustic approach.

A little creativity can go a long way as you make the most of dark colors in your kitchen. Don't be afraid to try a style that sets your space apart. You'll love the many ways that dark cabinets can be integrated to reflect your personality and stylistic preferences.

If you're interested in black cabinets or a different style

You'll find plenty of inspiration from Plain & Fancy. Check out a local showroom for ideas — or contact us for more information.


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