Top Kitchen Trends of 2019

Top Kitchen Trends of 2019

Perhaps our love of experimenting spills over from new recipes into cabinets and tile backsplash. Or maybe a stylish new kitchen makes meal prep feel like less of a chore.

Either way, we crave fresh, updated looks nearly as much as we crave fresh food — and 2019 is our year to deliver. On the hunt for easy-to-implement kitchen ideas that will amp up your style quotient? Check out these exciting trends:

Two tone kitchen cabinets


The two-tone approach to cabinetry might not be entirely new, but it's holding steady in 2019 — and for good reason. This eclectic look brings a more daring appearance to modern kitchens by highlighting combinations that push the envelope. As in past years, 2019 is all about distinguishing upper and lower cabinets for a streamlined, yet visually arresting look.

In most cases, two-tone styles involve dark lower cabinets paired with a lighter shade up top: think white upper cabinets combined with brown or grey below. This year, however, we're going beyond neutrals to include more ambitious color combinations. Blue is an excellent choice; we're especially partial to Triton Blue as a base. Deep shades of green have discovered niche appeal this year and are likely to become more popular as a darker kitchen aesthetic takes over.


Forget the all-white kitchens of yesteryear. While white remains a hot kitchen color, 2019 is delivering renewed visual interest with contrasting black accents. Whether displayed front and center or integrated in a more subtle manner, dark hues can add elegance or edginess to any space without making it feel dreary.

Options for seamlessly integrating black into your kitchen abound. If you're determined to play it safe, stick with a sophisticated backsplash. Alternating black and white or black and gray tiles add an element of contrast without overwhelming your kitchen. Subtle shifts can also be incorporated into your cabinetry. Black trim, for example, can make painted white cabinets seem a little less ho-hum.

Ready to go bold? Flip the expected white subway tile look on its head with black tiles featuring white grout. Take it a step further with black chevron or herringbone. If you're absolutely unwilling to give up your light-colored cabinets or backsplash, contrast can be added with sophisticated black marble counters or black floor tiles. Dark colors work best in kitchens that boast lots of natural light, so plan to put your windows or skylight to work.


Nothing shouts outdated quite like an entire kitchen decked out in cherry cabinets. Likewise, exclusively painted finishes can quickly get boring. Instead, it's time to mix it up with a beautiful combination of painted finishes and natural wood stains. Flooring, cabinets, and dining room tables can all have dramatically different finishes, so long as they come together to form an integrated final product. Without a strategic approach, however, your kitchen can take on an unappealing and decidedly slapdash look.

Cabinets with warm undertones may have a slightly reddish or yellowish appearance; these should not be mixed with cool undertones, which tend to have a grayish cast. Both styles can, however, be blended with neutrals. When in doubt, opt for espresso stains — they nearly always look sophisticated and can match a variety of other finishes.

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If you're steadfastly sticking with your beloved all-white cabinets and backsplash, you'll still find plenty of opportunities for adding visual interest to your kitchen. Why not experiment with your island? A statement island can offer the perfect focal point, especially in otherwise monochromatic or neutral-dominant kitchens. A Terra Green island, for example, can make your kitchen pop. Statement islands also work well in kitchens with two-toned cabinets or mixed finish cabinets — especially sophisticated islands that put walnut on prominent display.


Updating your kitchen doesn't have to cost a fortune. A recent rise in alternative materials has opened up a world of possibilities for budget-conscious homeowners desperate for a kitchen facelift. Melamine, in particular, appeals to those on the hunt for creative and affordable cabinet solutions. This versatile material features low-pressure laminate, which effectively mimics the look of wood grain. Melamine is also practical; a highly durable material, it holds up well to heavy use and is remarkably resistant to scratches.

Melamine is just one of several options available to those looking to go beyond typical wood cabinetry. Some especially daring homeowners have taken their love of stainless steel to a whole new level by using it not only for appliances, but also for cabinets and shelving. Ideally, this will take the form of lower stainless steel cabinets blended with upper wood cabinets so as to prevent the kitchen from taking on an overly industrial look. If you prefer something a bit more subtle, try laminate cabinets. These can be installed on wood bases and incorporated into a wide variety of kitchen designs.


Even the smallest kitchen can feel open and luxurious. Intuitive design is a big deal in 2019, with open shelving playing a central role in this year's coziest, yet most optimized spaces. Open shelves achieve two essential objectives: they allow for a personalized touch while also accommodating storage needs beyond cabinetry and countertops. Where better to put decorative dishware or treasured family heirlooms on display?

Corner shelves make the most of otherwise unused space, while island shelves offer valuable storage in an oft-forgotten area. No matter where you choose to install open shelves, be careful: if not strategically planned, these shelves can quickly become cluttered. Choose a select few items to put on display — and relegate the rest to traditional cabinets and drawers.

Whether you crave a complete makeover or simply desire a few small updates, you'll find it easy to incorporate the hottest kitchen trends of 2019. Don't be afraid to bring new colors, finishes, or materials into your kitchen; this is your opportunity to up the ante with a visually impactful design.


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