Using Navy Blue in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Using Navy Blue in Your Kitchen Cabinets

There is a lot to be said for this increasingly popular color, which brings a soothing element to any room in which it is incorporated.

The peaceful nature of navy blue (or “Triton Blue” as we like to call it) is especially appreciated in the busy, often stressful environment of the modern kitchen. This hue is favored, in part, for its versatility; it can be paired with neutrals or set against bursts of brighter colors. Likewise, navy can be featured in tile, cabinets, or other details. The sheer scope of options can feel overwhelming, so we've highlighted a few favorite design trends below:

Navy blue cabinet door


Navy blue pairs perfectly with a variety of materials. It looks especially gorgeous alongside elegant favorites such as marble. Options include pairing navy blue cabinets with marble countertops or even a sophisticated marble backsplash. Navy blue can also look stunning against granite or limestone counters.

Don't forget flooring! Navy blue and wood are a natural choice, of course, but the color can also work nicely against white or grey tiles — or classic linoleum. The floor itself could also be navy blue to contrast neutral-colored cabinets. Although this look is more common in bathrooms, it can make an impression in kitchens if combined with white grout or unique patterns.

No matter which materials take over your counters, backsplash, or flooring, the entire kitchen's appearance can be elevated with the right accents and accessories. While navy blue pairs nicely with rustic elements, homeowners increasingly appreciate its look alongside metallics. This versatility especially comes into play when installing hardware. With drawer handles, for example, gold, silver, bronze, or even copper can easily be integrated into navy blue dominant spaces.


Often, trendy cabinet colors are best integrated with classic patterns, which grant such hues greater long-term appeal. Navy blue, for example, works well alongside subway tiles in neutral colors such as white or grey. The basic shape and color of the tiles help navy blue cabinets or other kitchen features pop. This contrast also keeps kitchens from looking too dark. Conversely, navy blue subway tiles can create valuable contrast in kitchens featuring primarily white cabinetry or flooring.

If you appreciate the general concept of subway tile but prefer to mix it up, consider square tiles or even vertically-oriented rectangular tiles. Chevron brings an even more daring element to subway tiles without looking out of place in classy kitchens.


Perhaps you're not yet willing to go all out with navy blue cabinets. Not a problem; plenty of other options are available for integrating this trendy color into your kitchen. Navy blue accents, in particular, work nicely. For example, the occasional navy blue tile can really stand out when incorporated into multi-colored backsplashes. Bar stools placed at kitchen islands may feature navy blue upholstery.

If you're looking to make more of a commitment, consider a porcelain-coated sink in navy blue to provide a burst of color and a bit of much-needed contrast in otherwise neutral-heavy kitchens.

Navy blue kitchen island


As mentioned previously, navy blue works best in kitchens when used in contrast with white or other light, and ideally, neutral colors. For some homeowners, this concept plays out in navy blue cabinets set against white flooring and backsplash. Another excellent option for bringing a burst of color into your kitchen, feature navy blue prominently on your kitchen's island. Combine with a contrasting countertop to make the entire island pop.

Navy blue islands can contrast a variety of other features, including the kitchen's upper cabinets, flooring, or tile backsplash. Even white bar stools can be set against navy blue islands to create eye-catching contrast.


After years of large-format domination, mosaics are enjoying a burst of popularity. These beautiful tile patterns bring an intricate, artistic element to the kitchens they adorn. While mosaics can incorporate a variety of colors, they work especially well when they feature the rich beauty of navy blue.

Depending on your preferences, the ideal mosaic may primarily feature navy blue tiles — or it may incorporate other shades of blue or even white or grey. Mosaics look gorgeous as kitchen backsplashes but can also be integrated into flooring to make a statement.

From counters to islands and even seemingly minor accents, navy blue holds a great deal of promise in today's kitchen designs. By embracing this trendy color, you can cultivate the chic, elegant, and decidedly beautiful kitchen of your dreams.

We're happy to offer creative ideas to make your space pop

No matter which color you intend to highlight in your kitchen, you can achieve your vision with help from the team at Plain & Fancy. We're especially excited to amp up your cabinets to make them as functional and as aesthetically-pleasing as possible. Feel free to contact us or visit one of our showrooms to learn more.


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