Top Bathroom Trends of 2019

Top Bathroom Trends of 2019

This is where you go to escape everyday stress and feel pampered, even if just for a few minutes. Unfortunately, this sense of escape is virtually impossible to achieve if your bathroom is drab, or worse, cluttered.

The good news? A few small changes can bring new style and serenity to even the most boring or messy bathroom. Get a head start by incorporating these bathroom ideas, which include some of the hottest design trends of 2019:

Bathroom cabinets for storage


Whether you have been blessed with a vast bathroom oasis or feel cramped every time you enter this tiny space, you probably hold a deep-seated desire for strategic storage. No matter the size of your bathroom, organizing towels, toiletries, and other items can prove a never-ending struggle. Unfortunately, these storage woes can instantly detract from even the most beautifully designed spaces. For this reason, 2019 designs are bringing more sophisticated storage solutions to bathrooms of all sizes.

Often, the best storage solutions are the least visible. Pull-out drawers, for example, may offer dividers to help those with limited cabinets keep important items organized. Meanwhile, floating shelves allow you to put both decorative and functional items on display. Don't forget about outlet access; sneaky upgrades such as in-drawer or under-counter outlets help to disguise practical elements that might otherwise detract from your design. No matter your preferred storage solution, your chief design goal in 2019 should be a clutter-free bathroom counter.


Metal accents have been on display throughout the home for quite some time — and now, they're making their mark in the bathroom. A subtle touch of metal can bring a modern industrial vibe into any space. We're not just talking knobs for your drawers or towel racks; creative options for incorporating metal abound. Ditch the typical wood-based vanity in favor of metal legs, which offer a touch of modern style without overwhelming your bathroom. Likewise, wrought iron handles can easily be swapped for champagne bronze metal. A metal-inspired look can even be integrated into tile backsplash.

Don't be afraid to mix and match different metal finishes. Just as mixed wood finishes and stains are making their mark in 2019 kitchens, mixed metals are a big deal in modern bathrooms. This former style faux pas is increasingly defied, with modern bathrooms featuring contrasting mirrors, faucets, and hardware. You'll want to keep your eclectic tastes in check, however; too many metal styles can grant your bathroom a cluttered feel — especially if it's small. Instead, choose a dominant finish for a focal point and add subtle bursts of contrast as needed.

Beautiful bathroom wallpaper


No, wallpaper isn't a relic of the 70s. It's seeing a much-deserved comeback in modern bathrooms — and we couldn't be more excited. Not only can wallpaper instantly change up a bathroom's entire aesthetic, it's an affordable and low-risk proposition.

Today's wallpaper designs have come a long way from the florals and paisley of yesteryear. Now, it's all about artistry, with modern designs increasingly featuring abstract shapes and bold colors. Geometric designs, in particular, can make any bathroom pop. On the flip side, monochromatic wallpaper is also a big deal. Rather than focus on colors, some homeowners prefer to play up textures and other design elements to create a more dynamic space. Subtle wallpaper texture can instantly elevate an otherwise minimalist bathroom.

If you're not yet feeling up to an entirely wallpapered bathroom, start with an accent wall in place of your usual tile backsplash. Pair your wallpaper of choice with subtle flooring or neutral elements to deliver a clean, yet sophisticated feel. If you're ready for a bolder look, embrace artistic designs that bring whimsy or elegance to your bathroom. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with styles that you might not be willing or able to incorporate in a larger space.


Dark bathrooms need not feel drab or depressing. Designed correctly, they can instantly make your home feel more sophisticated. Bold black elements can also bring a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom. If you're not daring enough to embrace black, consider infusing a few contrasting dark elements, such as charcoal trim on shelves and cabinets. Likewise, dark cabinets can be combined with lighter walls or counters to bring intriguing contrast into your bathroom. Additional options include black mirror frames or wrought iron details.


Cabinets play a key role in kitchen design, and yet, they are often overlooked in the bathroom setting. This year, bathroom cabinetry is finally receiving the attention it has deserved all along. Several styles we've seen for years in kitchens and other trendy spaces are now making their mark in bathrooms and even small powder rooms. Two-tone cabinets, for example, offer visual interest in bathrooms that feature both upper and lower cabinetry. Alternative cabinet materials are also an appealing option, particularly for those concerned about water damage.

Different colors and finishes give bathroom cabinets a new lease on life, but in some ways, this year's cabinet trends are purely functional. Ideally, standout cabinets will serve both a practical and a stylistic purpose. Bathroom armoires, for example, add instant vintage appeal while making it easier to keep your items organized. Likewise, open display cabinets offer extensive storage space but can also be used to highlight beloved heirlooms or knickknacks. Tower cabinets can make the most of both open and closed storage, while also allowing you to take advantage of valuable vertical space.


Everybody dreams of dual vanities and vast countertops, but space limitations may prevent us from bringing our most grandiose bathroom visions to life. Still, it's possible to design a modern, yet sophisticated bathroom when you're short on space. The secret? Floating vanities, which can free up considerable space while granting your bathroom a more open look.

Simple, clean lines give floating vanities a contemporary feel, in keeping with modern, minimalist bathroom designs. These sleek vanities can easily be paired with bold wallpaper or backsplash. Otherwise, dark-colored vanities offer an exciting sense of contrast in light-colored bathrooms. Some modern bathrooms even feature dual floating vanities — a creative solution for couples who are short on space.

Practical style is a big deal in this year's bathrooms and powder rooms. Don't put your interior design dreams on hold due to a small space or a lack of inspiration; with the right storage strategy and a tasteful, yet bold design, any bathroom can feel like a luxury oasis.


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