SUMMIT : A new contemporary kitchen design solution

A durable, economical, and beautiful looking cabinet option for 2019.

If there’s one thing we learned in 2018, it’s that modern and sleek kitchen design is continuing to trend upwards. European design has been a large influencer in the kitchen with their white high gloss and matte finishes on slab doors, but it can begin to look stark. One of the ways designers are choosing to break up the monotony that can come from contemporary styles is utilizing texture.

We’ve known for a while that homeowners want a product that is durable and easy to maintain, while at the same time still offering the breadth of finish options that Plain & Fancy is most notably known for.

The SUMMIT collection is our solution to fulfill this desire. We are excited to announce the release of the SUMMIT Collection of textured melamine’s, which is the latest addition to our line of contemporary materials. The SUMMIT collection is available with our frameless line of cabinetry.


SUMMIT is a collection of 16 beautiful texture melamine options all available with banded door and drawer head edges. It’s available in slab door, making it a perfect fit for homeowners that want a contemporary design style. Our favorite part about SUMMIT? It is manufactured entirely in our Schaefferstown, PA factory.



Textured Melamine is an embossed, synchronized surface. This means that the graining and texture are exactly matched. The result is an enhanced real wood look and feel without all the upkeep that comes with real wood.



When it comes to textured melamine, there are a multitude of benefits. There is uniform color and texture throughout the panel, making it a great option for a clean and modern look. It is an extremely durable material and easy to clean, so those with families or a busy household can rest assured at its longevity. It won’t fade or stain overtime, meaning that if ever you need to replace a door or drawer head, you can easily match it to your existing cabinetry.


If you’re looking for a durable, great looking, and economical product, look no further than SUMMIT. 

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