Dealer Spotlight: Nukitchens, Norwalk Connecticut

Truly a leader in their industry, Nukitchens has been a family-run business since 1956. Founded by Joseph Najmy, who grew up watching his father, Philip Farran renovate Brooklyn brownstones and craft furniture while his mother pursued a career in interior design, the business he has developed reflects his expansive knowledge of the field.

Nukitchens is fueled by the value of hard work and family pride. Honesty and integrity are the pillars of the company and Najmy seeks to uphold his founding principles in all aspects of the business. Today, the Nukitchens showroom is located in Norwalk, CT and they service the entire tri-state area.    

Nukitchens is skilled in kitchen and bathroom design and work with their clients to achieve results that are long-lasting and tailored for each lifestyle they serve. The team believes in nurturing an open exchange of ideas in order to accomplish the best outcomes and authentic satisfaction in the project. From minor refreshes to full renovation projects, Nukitchens is a comprehensive resource that will work to find the right materials, provide design advice, and employ technical skills to turn your vision to the reality you live in. 

Specializing in a range of kitchen types, from classic, traditional designs to sleek and  modern. Their roots in Brooklyn can be seen in some of their work, creating an intriguing incorporation of historic touches such as pre-WWII hexagonal tile. Their partnership with Plain & Fancy over the years has allowed them to increase the possibilities for custom designs for their clients. When every cabinet is handmade, the space becomes less of an obstacle and designers can incorporate highly efficient functionality, all while being aesthetically beautiful and staying in line with the agreed upon concept. The versatility of Nukitchens is immediately evident when viewing their finished projects.  

Their portfolio features a vast collection of kitchens, serving people of all backgrounds and lifestyles. One especially notable project is a black, white, and brass kitchen which was designed in collaboration with one of their clients. Plain & Fancy cabinetry coupled with a mixed-metal custom hood made from zinc and brushed brass tie all of the elements together. With a West-facing window above the sink and custom workspaces, it is both beautiful and highly functional.

Another stand-out project, featuring Plain & Fancy inset cabinetry, is a custom family kitchen in New Canaan. A dual function island with a butcher block work space and seating area integrate the lives of each family member so that they can spend time together while cooking or doing homework. Accented with Sub-zero Wolf appliances, pendant lighting and brushed satin nickel hardware it combines a clean polished look even when life gets busy. Nukitchens pairs each element of their designs with sophistication, adding color and texture to achieve timelessness and durability.

When choosing a designer to work with, customers often talk about the overwhelming amount of decisions that need to be made, from choosing a designer to the creative and technical direction. Nukitchens is well-versed in making their clients feel taken care of and entrusted to lead while not having the weight of every decision on their shoulders. They are also skilled in keeping within the restraints of any budget range as well as tight timelines to accomplish every project on time. Once the project is done, the team doesn’t simply move on to the next client; they have a strong initiative to follow up and maintain positive relationships for generations. 
Customer satisfaction comes from knowing that everyone involved in the project believes in it and wants the very best outcomes. As a homeowner, your kitchen is where you spend a lot of your time and Nukitchens understands the importance of making custom designs that cater to the lifestyle you lead and the miniscule details that will contribute ease into your daily routine. If you are feeling inspired to start your own remodel, contact Nukitchens today to set up a design consultation. Visit to view their portfolio and get in touch with a team member.

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