Most Popular Cabinet Door Styles for 2021

Most Popular Cabinet Door Styles for 2021

The stressors of the outside world have prompted an increased need for each indoor oasis to be as comfortable and as harmonious as possible.

These spaces can provide a much-needed escape from the challenges of our day-to-day lives, while also providing a backdrop for our most valued memories made with loved ones. While a vast array of elements come together to form today's contemporary, yet calming designs, cabinets are some of the most important elements. Whether installed in kitchens, bathrooms, or any other space within the home, these can form a powerful centerpiece for any room in which they're incorporated.

They need to look the part and fit in with other stylistic essentials, such as flooring or backsplash. Practicality is also essential, as maintenance difficulties or noisy hinges can quickly detract from any sense of tranquility that beautiful designs promote. A wide variety of beautiful cabinet styles are available, but for some, selecting the right look can be difficult. This is an important investment, after all, so it's essential to consider not only what's on-trend, but also, what works best for your home and your life. To help, we've highlighted several of the most popular cabinet door styles for 2021, along with options for incorporating them within a variety of spaces.

Shaker Cabinet Door


As one of the most identifiable names in cabinet door design, the Shaker style focuses on classic aesthetics above all else. This approach lends Shaker doors a traditional appeal that consistently makes them the preferred choice for many types of homeowners. They're great from a maintenance perspective, as they're easy to clean and generally less prone to damage over time.

Shaker cabinets are frequently included in minimalist spaces, where their recessed panels add visual appeal without detracting from other design elements. These doors are often preferred in light or neutral colors. In most situations, they are outfitted with basic hardware. That being said, they are far more versatile than many people realize. They work wonderfully for durable hardwood featuring natural finishes, but other structures and styles are also available. Distressed finishes, for example, can give shaker cabinets a purposefully weathered look that's right at home in a rustic or farmhouse design.


If the name of this style is any indication, Contempo cabinets emphasize modern design. Their flat panels are often accompanied by integrated pulls to provide a sleek, streamlined look. Some Contempo doors even ditch the hardware altogether.

While natural wood is a great option for Contempo doors, this style is especially suited to custom colors, which can be as bold and bright as desired. This is your chance to make a statement with striking cabinets that won't soon be forgotten.

Contempo kitchen cabinets


Millbrook Cabinet Door

Featuring an appealing blend of traditional and contemporary styles, Millbrook doors bring practical sensibilities to the concept of a transitional door. These doors emphasize crisp, clean lines — clear priorities for many designs these days.

Millbrook cabinet doors can be outfitted with bold hardware to add visual interest without detracting from their streamlined design. This opportunity is exciting for many, as hardware selection can be a great option for adding a dose of personality into trend-oriented spaces.

Materials such as maple and walnut are ideal for the Millbrook cabinet doors, with a variety of finishes making them a great fit in several types of designs. Opt for a natural finish to bring out the inherent beauty of hardwood or a unique selection such as Garden Gate to capitalize on the popular neutral look.

While the standard Millbrook model is incredibly popular, some people prefer an available variation known as Millbrook II. This version adds a one-inch face molding to deliver an extra pop. Either option can be a wise choice for transitional cabinetry.


One of the most popular styles at Plain & Fancy, Vogue doors are similar to their Shaker counterparts in that they provide a clean aesthetic. Vogue cabinets have a straightforward appearance but can work wonders in an upscale kitchen. They are well-suited to beautiful hardwood cabinets, such as maple or walnut. The right material or finish can grant Vogue doors an impression of rustic elegance or understated sophistication.

If just one adjective can be selected to describe the Vogue doors, it's adaptable. After all, these cabinet doors work equally well in traditional and contemporary spaces. Yes, they have clean lines that fit in well with the typical modern aesthetic, but ornate details can easily be added to bring traditional vibes to these doors. This makes them the preferred choice when you struggle to define a clear vision for your design. With Vogue cabinets, there's never any need to worry about cabinet doors failing to fit in with the rest of the room.

Vogue kitchen cabinets


Strata Cabinet Door

Sometimes referred to as "European-style" or "plank" doors, slab construction includes flat panels that generally lack ornamentation. This simplicity lends these doors much of their appeal, although contoured elements can still be incorporated to give cabinet faces a surprising degree of dimension.

The basic nature of the slab door's construction means that this approach can be deceptively affordable. As such, slab doors are often the preferred choice for those who want to install high-quality cabinets while keeping spending to a minimum. Numerous materials are available, including budget-friendly melamine or upscale hardwoods. Hence, the slab door's reputation as among the most versatile of the available cabinet styles.

Depending on the material and finish selected, low maintenance can be a top advantage of this type of door. This makes it a compelling option for those who want their cabinets to consistently look pristine but are unable to dedicate significant time to achieving this ideal.

Vintage cabinet door


Few cabinet door styles deliver dimension quite like the Vintage aesthetic, which is most at home within traditional spaces. Vintage styles also work nicely within rustic or country chic designs.

These doors are more detail-oriented than some of the designs highlighted above. While this can be an impediment to those who demand the least maintenance possible, it also lends Vintage doors far more decorative appeal than their flatter counterparts.

These doors call for high-quality materials such as cherry or white oak. Natural finishes that show off wood characteristics bring even more visual interest to these already eye-catching doors, but distressed finishes in white or black also work wonderfully.


This impressive collection of textured melamine styles can bring a trendy look to any space while also accommodating budget-friendly installation and maintenance. The graining and texture are matched for these embossed surfaces, granting the material an enhanced, yet realistic appearance. They are a top choice for anyone who desires uniformity in terms of color and texture. Weathered and dappled looks are available for these doors, which instantly deliver a fresh dynamic.

Altogether, the Summit collection includes a variety of colors and textures. As such, Summit doors are an incredibly versatile option. Other benefits include excellent durability and ease of maintenance — both of which are top considerations in heavily trafficked spaces such as busy kitchens.

Summit kitchen island
Newport Cabinet Door


Equipped with a 30-degree beveled edge on the interior of the frame, this unique door style proves that attention to detail matters. Otherwise, however, the Newport can be categorized as a transitional door, as it prominently features clean lines and simple aesthetics. This by no means detracts from the Newport's visual appeal; its crisp look makes it an ideal fit for any contemporary space.

As one of the more recently released door styles, Newport already shows a great deal of promise. Add it to your kitchen to ensure a fresh, original look that's bound to attract attention.


Today's trendiest cabinet door styles span nearly every category. No matter your preferences regarding materials or finishes, you can find an on-trend look that matches your aesthetic ideals. You'll also be thrilled to find cabinets that fit your preferences in terms of budget and maintenance.

With so many excellent options available, you may feel overwhelmed as you strive to choose the right cabinet doors for your home. If you'd like insight into available options or how they can best be integrated within your kitchen, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Plain & Fancy. We're happy to answer your questions and get you on the path to installing cabinets you adore. You're also welcome to take our style quiz to get a better sense for your natural preferences.

Ready to take the next step in your design journey? Contact us today to discuss available options — or feel free to stop by one of our showrooms to see our finest work in action.


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