More Doors to Explore

More Doors to Explore

Arguably, the most important decision is choosing the right door style.

A Wide Variety of Choices

At Plain & Fancy we are proud to offer over one hundred different doors, which range from the finely tuned details of traditional to the the clean and sleek look of contemporary and everything in between. Our team pays close attention to market trends and introduces new doors as needed.

Door choices

The Look and Style that You Want

Without getting too much into the nuts and bolts I am going to explain how it's possible to choose the exact style of door you want by first choosing what we call the frame style, the lip and the panel (which are the inner door detail, the outer door profile and the center of the door, respectively). See below for examples.

Door Frame Options

Door Framing Options Blog 800x275

Door Lip Options

Door Lip Options Blog 800x275

Door Panel Options

Door Panel Options Blog 800x275

The options that are available depend on the style of door that you choose. Please see one of our authorized dealers to help guide you through this particular part of the process.

Unique to You

Do you want a door that is as unique as you are? We'll work with you to create just the right door for your project. Perhaps you would like something different for your door panel? We can accommodate that. We offer many different types of glass, mesh inserts and we can even customize something just for you, like the wrought iron insert shown below. (See more options below).

Custom Panel Inserts

Door Panel Inserts Options Blog 800x275

One of our dealers will walk with you through this process and help you choose the door that best fits with the design style you have chosen. To view more door styles, please visit the Door Styles section of our website.


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