Dealer Spotlight: Majestic Kitchens & Bath

Dealer Spotlight: Majestic Kitchens & Bath

Forging the way that homeowners and interior design professionals approach their decisions and embrace their imagination.

Like many of our trusted dealers, Majestic Kitchens & Bath is not a division or subsidiary of any other company, and they are truly experts in the field. The personal attention means that the work is about creating something together and pushing towards a common goal. Staying within the customers’ individual budget is of utmost importance and Majestic has the experience and unique ability to be resourceful without compromising on the quality of the design and build.


Based in Mamaroneck, New York, Majestic Kitchens & Bath is a family operated business that serves the entire tri-state area. Taking a look at their history, it is apparent that they live up to their name. “Majestic” means possessing beauty but more importantly, integrity and dignity, which is clearly exemplified in their business model. Majestic was founded in 1961 and at that time, it was merely a small local store selling cabinets to builders, contractors, and homeowners. In the early 1970's, Leonard Klein hired Bill Luceno as a cabinet installer. Bill began taking on more responsibilities and eventually purchased the company in 1985. Today, Bill’s son William is the current owner and presiden

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In 1990, Majestic became a Plain & Fancy Dealer, joining our mission of creating foundational relationships with the people who are involved in every step of the process from manufacturing to installation. Fast forward to 2021 and they are one of the largest kitchen and bath retailers on the East Coast, well-recognized by their customers and competitors alike. Now in the second generation of the Luceno family, Majestic’s entire staff is involved and experienced in every aspect of the operations and their dedication to their customers has contributed to the growing success over the past 60 years. Plain & Fancy is also a family owned and operated business, and we take pride when our dealers have a similar philosophy. Doing business with those who have a similar mindset on the importance of relationships leads to building work that is beautiful and long-lasting.

Boasting a 9,000 square foot showroom, Majestic Kitchens offers quite the experience for those who are in search of a newly designed living space. Whatever your budget, there is a way to incorporate Majestic Kitchens into your home and it is of utmost importance to them that their services are accessible and affordable. Majestic is proud to work on a diverse portfolio of projects and seeks to make their clients' visions come to life regardless of what kind of style they have in mind. From simple and refined to elaborate and bespoke, there is a wide array of materials, colors, and designs to choose from. Majestic Kitchens is a great option for those who want to be able to have control over the process while still receiving a high caliber of design consultation and professional insight.

Majestic specializes in granite, marble & quartz countertops, custom cabinetry, as well as tile and hardware. Many of the projects that they work on exude a refined, clean look while still incorporating ornate details that give each room its own standout feature. Their style sensibility aligns with Plain & Fancy in that they are not afraid to push the boundaries of design and always put quality and integrity above all else. Many of their kitchens incorporate innovative floor plans that act as transitional spaces for cooking and dining, as well and make optimal use of cabinetry designs to allow for ample, creative storage solutions.


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They employ a time-tested method for completing each project, which implements the most efficient and up-to-date technology. After taking the first measurements and sketching out the current floor plan of the room, they use software to show the customer all of the possibilities for reconfiguration and enhancement of the space. With a clear visualization of the plan and access to see and touch the materials all in one place, the designer and customer can be on the same page and feel confident going into the remodeling phase. Constant communication ensures that the customer is happy with the way the design comes together and Majestic is always open to making adjustments along the way.

Whether you are after a traditional look, minimalist, coastal or something totally unheard of, Majestic will brainstorm with you until you have a solid plan of action. Best of all, they will see the project through and they don’t stop working until you are completely satisfied with the final product. Customer reviews are full of praise for the quality and variety of available materials and ability to add personal touches but more importantly, the expertise of the designers they worked with at Majestic. Many comment on the creativity and professionalism that the designers possess, saying that they were flexible and offered above and beyond what was expected of them on their projects.


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