Hybrid Cabinet Doors

Hybrid Cabinet Doors

Want the best of both worlds? With a 1 piece, or even a 5 piece MDF painted door, you can still have the same great look of wood, but without any of the potential pitfalls.

It is the growing demand for painted cabinetry, the need to eliminate cabinet door movement, and the growing desire from homeowners for superior products at competitive prices that has led to the development of what we'd like to call, "hybrid doors."

Shaker1 PCMDF


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) has been used in the industry, mainly as center panels for doors, for some time. More recently however, is the introduction of 1 piece MDF doors (see image below) and even 5 piece MDF doors. These "hybrid doors," when painted, produce the same great look as wood, but eliminate any of the potential pitfalls that come with a wood door.


The advancement of MDF can be attributed to three things. First, engineered MDF has been refined for cabinet making to the point where it is now a great option for homeowners. It is a double refined product, which provides a super smooth surface, which is excellent for painted finishes. It also has superior machinability and stability. In addition to that, MDF is an environmentally-friendly product, using all of the tree. The video below gives a detailed look at MDF from raw wood to being installed in the home.

The second reason MDF is more popular than ever is the advancement of CNC (computerized numerical control) equipment. These machines, with proper tooling, can now create stiles, rails and raised panels; all with clean cut corners and precise detail. The real advantage with MDF doors is that their center panels will not expand or contract when environmental conditions change. That's right, MDF eliminates any potential for cracked center panels, or any possible gaps from expanding or contracting cabinet doors. To learn more about this process, including how to prevent it, please read our blog post entitled, Wood Movement in Cabinet Doors and Drawers.

Third, the coatings companies have begun to introduce processes that produce a superior look & feel and increase the durability of these materials. Our desire is to provide homeowners with products that meet their needs on every level. We understand that consumers are looking for solutions and are more open-minded than ever before to new products and the technologies used to create those products. We feel that there are applications where these materials should be given strong consideration, such as beach homes, bathrooms and other high moisture areas in the household.

Visit a dealer in your area to see samples of these materials for yourself.


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