Dealer Spotlight: Hancock Lumber

Dealer Spotlight: Hancock Lumber

A seventh-generation company established in 1848 in Casco, Maine, they embody the meaning of family business in its truest form and bring the joy of craftsmanship to each project.

An integrated forest products company, Hancock Lumber operates four white pine sawmills, a network of lumberyards, truss and wall panel manufacturing facilities along with their full--service kitchen design showrooms. Their storied past makes them a standout dealer, and clients are continually impressed by not only their breadth of work, but the quality of the materials and products that they produce.

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As a symbol of where they came from, the team keeps a hand-written contract for the construction of the original mill posted on the wall in their home office. In this contract between Nathan and Spencer Decker and Ambrose F. Wright, the agreement reads, “Nathan and Spencer Decker agree to pay to the said Wight for building the said mill and dam the sum of Eight hundred and fifty dollars, one hundred in two months and the remainder when the work is completed…” Fast forward to the current day, and the company has risen to national recognition and is one of the largest lumber companies in New England with locations across Maine and New Hampshire. Led by all 725 of their employees, Hancock Lumber’s passion for and commitment to their people-first and values-driven culture has earned them recognition as a ‘Best Place to Work’ since 2014.

Today, their sawmill division is the most prolific manufacturer of Eastern White Pine boards in the world, producing over 100,000,000 board feet annually. This impressive scale of production has earned them a variety of accolades, such as the Philip C. Hastings award for Hancock’s leadership in energy reduction. The efforts they have incorporated into their operations brought their kilowatt use down 25%, saving close to 800,000 in the year 2008. They continue to closely monitor their impact on the environment, and seek to keep their forests vibrant and healthy for future generations.

Hancock believes that their business should support its employees and clients and in turn, establish a strong and connected community through their mutual collaboration. The act of harvesting lumber and seeing it become a part of a home requires skill, persistence, and a solid bridge between nature and engineering. In an industry that is overrun by global corporations, Hancock remains independent and is intent on continuing their operations with their original values as their key driver.

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The Hancock showrooms offer a creative atmosphere for customers who are looking for ways to build or update their homes with professional guidance. Hancock leans on their years of experience to listen to their clients’ ideas and help them bring their visions to fruition. They take the lead and offer expert recommendations for contractors and give the best advice to help their customers find their style and stay within their determined budget. Their showroom displays are also all available for viewing on their website, so interested customers can have the option to browse at home before visiting their local store in person.

One of their exceptional projects include a gorgeous blue kitchen that features floor to ceiling storage, an island with built-in sink, and a striking blue and white tile backsplash. A picture window over the main sink is the crowning jewel bathing the space in bright natural light and offering waterfront views. Another features a neutral palette accented by clear glass light fixtures which complement the large windows. Wicker-seat high top chairs at the multipurpose island ground the white cabinets and natural sand colored tile.

Interested in seeing some of their projects?

Take a look at Hancock Lumber Kitchen Design’s extensive gallery and learn more about the benefits of working with them at: They are Maine and New Hampshire's number one place for all of your design needs and you are sure to have an excellent experience collaborating with their talented team of designers.


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