A Fine Finish is Just The Beginning

We pride ourselves in producing the best finishes in the industry. In fact, we like to say "that you just need to feel it to believe it!"

It is the life blood of any custom cabinet design. It is what nearly every homeowner cares most about, and what draws all of the ohhhhs and ahhhhhs from family members, friends, and guests.

Of course, I am talking about finish.

Would you believe that any great finish actually begins with great sanding? It's true, and to ensure, the most durable and consistent finish, we sand and finish every cabinet piece by piece.

Once all of the parts have been sanded, they are then ready to be finished. We pair proven methods such as hand finishing with state of the art technology, so we are able to achieve the finished looks that every homeowner craves. 

Zoomed in Picture of Cefla Finishing Machine

Depending on the type of finish, jobs may take different paths. For example, stains and glazes are carefully applied by hand, while all paints are sprayed on with our automated cefla line. Our speciality finishes, such as brushmark crackle, silver veil and dry brush glaze, have their own processes and require the talents of skilled artisans (stay tuned for blog posts about each of these specialty finishes). In fact, brushmark crackle (see below) requires 11 steps to bring it to completion.

Close up picture of Hand with Paintbrush

Now we have come to the last and maybe the most important part of the finish process.

After all the components have been finished and allotted time to dry is complete, they are pulled into the staging area, where a skilled technician meticulously reviews the entire job for irregularities or imperfections of any kind.

Once the entire job has passed inspection, it moves onto the assembly department. Here all the individual parts come together and each cabinet is built and staged for our hardware department.

This is where our journey will end for now. There are a number of other steps that come between the finish and the final installation in your home, but we will be covering those in future blog posts. 

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Watch Our Video

Watch this short video to get an up close and personal look at our finish process. 

Superior Finish from Plain & Fancy on Vimeo.

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