2020 Top Bathroom Cabinet Colors

2020 Top Bathroom Cabinet Colors

While a variety of stylistic elements can promote this much-needed sense of calm, cabinets play a larger role than most people realize.

Cabinets are critical, of course, for keeping bathrooms organized and presentable. Beyond this, however, they offer a valuable opportunity to experiment with a variety of styles. Their colors, in particular, allow them to convey key design concepts. This reality is reflected in the evolution of color trends.

While certain shades retain classic appeal, others have recently arrived to bring a fresh feel to bathrooms across the nation. Many homeowners are beginning to realize that the right cabinet color can make all the difference in this important space.

Are you ready to level up your bathroom's look? Keep an eye out for the following cabinet color trends, which are sure to make an impression in 2020 and beyond.

Blue bathroom cabinets


Classic and versatile, blue transforms the bathroom into a true oasis with its calming vibes. This timeless color can always be counted on to make you feel at ease. It's no wonder, then, that blue consistently ranks at the very top on surveys of the public's favorite colors.

Despite its timeless nature, blue currently holds great appeal for its trendsetting status. Deep shades such as navy are currently making waves in the design community. Pantone, for example, made its mark by highlighting Classic Blue as the color of the year. Likewise, Benjamin Moore opted for Hale Navy — an appealing shade that infuses hints of trendy gray into its deep blue saturation.

Pantone and Benjamin Moore's takes on blue look wonderful when paired with recent trends in metal hardware, including brass and copper. Rich shades of blue also look lovely alongside elegant marble counters or flooring.

If working around existing elements, consider opting for a mid-tone blue. Much like a beloved pair of jeans, the right shade can be dressed up or down with a variety of accents to create an appealing look.


Long used for bathroom backsplash and integrated into floor tile, green is an increasingly popular option for cutting-edge cabinetry. Vibrant shades bring a pop of color to neutral-dominant bathrooms, while earthier tones support the outdoorsy vibes that many homeowners seek.

Earthy greens, in particular, are ideal for those looking to recreate the Zen-like atmosphere of a spa within their own homes. Many shades of green veer almost into neutral territory, making them a safe choice for anyone who is reluctant to take on a brighter, bolder color. Still, there is something to be said for vibrant greens, which can bring an instant pop to any bathroom without feeling too brash. Go all-out with fully green cabinets or try a two-tone approach for an appealingly subtle effect.

Gray bathroom cabinets


Following years of white backsplash and cabinets, the world of interior design is shifting its focus to other neutrals. Gray, in particular, is having a moment. This hue is adored for its inherent versatility, which allows it to be paired with virtually any color imaginable. This enables the increasingly popular color to be used in adventurous bathrooms that are far from drab.

Gray is more varied a color than most people realize. It can take on a variety of undertones, which subtly influence the atmosphere it creates. Some grays verge on beige, while others infuse cool blue to great effect.

Ideal hardware for gray cabinets will depend largely on preferred undertones. Brass works well with warm shades of gray, while cooler hues are best paired with silver. Think carefully about these details, as they greatly impact the overarching design in a gray-dominant bathroom.


As with earthy green, brown can quickly deliver a harmonious feel to spa-like bathrooms. Strategic application is critical, however, as brown otherwise risks coming across as outdated. Thankfully, fresh takes on this classic color abound.

Dark shades of brown deliver an indulgent feel that works wonders in upscale bathrooms. This effect can be maximized through the use of gold accents, which provide a striking and downright luxurious option for leveling up bathroom design.

While brown can work wonders as the dominant hue within a bathroom setting, it's also a great choice for highlighting accent colors. While it has often been overshadowed by gray and white in recent years, this color is once again receiving the attention it deserves as a wonderful option for pairing.

Light or medium tones instantly make bathrooms feel inviting if combined with cream or beige. Likewise, brown can be paired with soft shades of blue to make the most of multiple color trends. Don't be afraid to test new concepts, as brown's versatile nature makes it a great option for experimentation.

Black bathroom cabinets


A daring option for anyone looking to make a statement, black stands out. Depending on how they're integrated within a given space, black cabinets can deliver sophistication, contemporary appeal, or an edgy aesthetic.

If you enjoy experimenting with accessories, consider using black as the ultimate base. This color allows you to call attention to eye-catching design elements that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle.

Options for integrating black into your bathroom abound. While many people focus on counters and flooring, this color also works wonders when infused into cabinets. Black Shaker cabinets, for example, offer a more sophisticated take on the farmhouse concept. With Vogue cabinets, black provides the clean and simple look needed to achieve a modern transitional style.


White design elements may not be as dominant in 2020 as they were a few years ago, but the color is still favored as a top option for leveling up bathrooms. It's easy to see why: this color rarely fails to make even the smallest rooms feel more spacious. No matter how cramped it is in reality, an all-white bathroom can feel shockingly roomy if designed strategically.

Crisp lines grant white bathrooms plenty of modern appeal. The color inspires a clean feeling that is desirable in a bathroom setting. White cabinets paired with white subway tile or other contemporary elements promote a modern aesthetic that is simultaneously practical and trendy.

If you're eager to bring unique sources of visual interest to a white-dominant bathroom, don't hesitate to add pops of color. Aforementioned hues such as navy or green work especially well with white. Otherwise, white is a great option for integrating less trendy colors into your bathroom without prompting a stale or mismatched feel.

As you move forward with bathroom cabinet color selection, think carefully about the feeling you wish to evoke in this important room. Your choice can help you make a statement or establish a sense of calm. Don't underestimate the value of color in your bathroom oasis.

Let us help you with your next bathroom project

With so many options available, you should have no trouble finding a bathroom cabinet color and style you love. At Plain & Fancy, we're eager to support you on this design journey. Check out our Schaefferstown center or stop in at one of our showrooms to explore your options.


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