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Color and texture to suit every style. Browse our many colors and finishes to complement your custom cabinetry.

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Browse our large variety of colors or customize your own. That’s right, bring us a paint swatch and we will custom design the cabinet door color of your dreams.

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We know that choosing the color of your custom cabinet doors can be the most daunting decision of all and with hundreds of options, it could be overwhelming. We have broken our door styles down into four sections to help make your decision a little easier.

Paint: We offer painted cabinet doors in every color of the rainbow and beyond. Whether you choose wood or laminate, or metal, our painted doors offer a long lasting modern finish. Our painted cabinet doors also come in a variety of finishes like, distressed, antiqued, glossy, matte and textured. See our work for inspiration.

Stain: Natural wood cabinet doors in pine, maple, walnut, cherry can be made even more beautiful with your choice of stain. Stain in any color, allows the natural wood grain to show through while adding color to your room. Our stains are environmentally friendly and low VOC. Choose from dark to light and every shade in between.

Glaze: Glazed custom cabinet doors offer the perfect combination of paint and stain. Show off a color while allowing the natural wood grain to show through. Like our stains, glaze is environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Choose from a variety of colors - dark to light, modern to contemporary.

Custom: If we haven't given you enough great options already, your custom cabinet doors can also be custom colored! Some of our custom colors stay in our permanent collection, we like them so much. Bring in a swatch or picture of your inspiration and we will work with you to get the custom color cabinet door style you’ve only dreamed of.