Most Popular Cabinet Door Styles for 2018

When we say popular cabinet door styles, mind you we don’t mean trendy. At Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, our designers are indeed keenly aware of the current trends in kitchen and bathroom design — but longevity and classic style is never far from our minds.

For any kitchen or bathroom to be stylish, timeless is a word we want to embrace. Still, there are certainly unique fashions and styles that catch our eye every year, and we want to share them with you as inspiration for your upcoming remodel.

Let’s begin with kitchen cabinet door styles.


Clean, Stylish & Organized: Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles for 2018

Whether your taste is sharp and modern or classic and traditional, your dream kitchen should have it all: Quality, efficiency, and style. Picking the right kitchen cabinet door styles is a big part of that. Let your personality shine while maintaining a well-organized and easy-to-clean kitchen with these trending cabinet door ideas.

Shaker Style DoorPopular Materials & Finishes

1. Shaker Simple

Shaker cabinets, like Shaker furniture, are basic and traditional. But don’t assume that means boring.

By harnessing the classic look of the Shaker door style in your kitchen, you’re free to have fun with color and texture elsewhere — for example, with your countertops, wall space, or furniture. Alternatively, you can use the simple style of Shaker cabinets like Vogue or the appropriately named Shaker to set a clean, simple tone for your classic kitchen.

Numerous paint finishes, stains, and wood species are available, and one of the best things about these cabinets is that they never go out of style.

2. Return to Natural Wood Finishes

While painted cabinets offer a broad color palette for designing your kitchen, for a truly timeless and traditional look, consider a natural wood finish. After all, for hundreds of years, kitchen cabinets were made only of wood — dark and light, finished and unfinished, with and without hardware. The choices are endless, but the result of a natural wood finish is consistently classic and tasteful.

At Plain & Fancy, you can choose from a wide variety of wood species, including maple, cherry, walnut, red oak, white oak, and more. From there, consider a range of finishes to match the mood of your kitchen. From a sleek and highly polished cocoa finish on deep mahogany to a light and crisp natural finish on fresh maple, the brown-hued grain of wood is always welcoming, comfortable, and timeless.

3. Mod 50s Throwback

Bright colors and cheery pastels. Chrome hardware and a flat, impervious finish. For some homeowners, things have come full circle, and the 50s are back.

If you’re looking to add a contemporary yet classic look to your kitchen, consider 50s-style cabinets as a wonderfully unique option — an instant conversation starter. The mid-century modern look encompasses a range of mostly flat and angular styles. If this sounds like it’s up your alley, consider our sleek retro-style cabinets Contempo or Apollo, both of which fit the retro bill perfectly. Both are available in numerous finishes, wood species, and paint colors.


Everyday Luxury: 2018’s Top Bathroom Cabinet Door Styles

Luxury and comfort are certainly of great importance in the room where you should feel most relaxed and at home — but storage and counter space are equally as important. Find both in these current trends for bathroom cabinet door styles.

Level DoorPopular Materials & Finishes

1. Sleek & Highly Finished

In bathrooms, easy-to-clean is the name of the game. And nothing is easier to clean than a completely flat surface. Take Level Door, for example. This bathroom cabinet door is flat and “level” as the name implies. It comes in a myriad of colors, all of which feature a high-gloss acrylic finish — simple to clean and always looks nice.

2. Geometric Detail

Shaker cabinet doors (as outlined for kitchens above) can look great in bathrooms too. But if you’d like more detail and individuality in your bathroom cabinet doors, consider something with a bit more depth and complexity.

Taliesan, for example, features the simplicity of Shaker doors, but has a double-recessed center on each door and drawer. This draws the eye in and creates depth, attractive in any setting. Cameo is another excellent option, which features a raised center panel and finely detailed borders.

Cabinetry with this type of geometric detail is available in a range of styles, colors, and finishes. While the styles may be slightly less simple than the Shaker cabinet doors, if you choose right, they’ll never go out of style either.

3. Vintage Class

There’s something about an old-school bathroom — subway tile on the walls, hexagon tile on the floor, high ceilings, perhaps some thick crown molding. It just makes you want to take a bath in a claw-foot tub, doesn’t it?

But the question of cabinets in a bathroom like this can be difficult to match.

Right now, “historically-inspired” bathrooms are truly en vogue, and designers who are planning these comfortable retreats are choosing natural wood cabinets as the perfect marriage between elegance and quality and historic accuracy. If a vintage-inspired bathroom sparks your eye, we recommend our Vintage 3” cabinet doors, shown here in walnut.


Choosing a Cabinet Material

For many, the diversity of materials available for kitchen and bathroom cabinets may be surprising. Your ultimate choice will be the result of several factors, including the precise look you’re after, your kitchen’s layout, your budget, and how much wear and tear you expect for your cabinets.

Vintage door in solid walnutSolid Wood

Arguably the superior choice for high-end cabinetry, solid wood provides the most flexibility in terms of grain, stain, and color and is generally the most durable and long-lasting. When you’re looking for quality, solid wood is always a good choice.

Not all wood species stand up well to the wear and tear of cabinet use; therefore, at Plain & Fancy, we tend to use hard maple most often in our solid wood cabinetry projects. Hard maple has a high density and stability that makes it perfect for painting, but it’s also good for staining. Walnut is another popular species for solid wood cabinetry. It has a strong variance in grain color, which can be beautiful when left natural. On the other hand, a most consistent look can easily be achieved by staining.

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer cabinetry features a thin slice of real wood (such as maple, walnut, or oak) on top of an engineered wood panel. These slices or wood leaves retain their grain consistency as they are laid side by side with a matching grain. Various finishes can be applied to wood veneer, and the veneer itself can be created from a wide variety of wood species. Wood veneer provides a high-quality, clear foundation for staining, or it can be painted in your desired color.

Reconstituted Wood Veneer

Reconstituted wood veneer is made of engineered wood — artificial logs sliced thin to create a high-quality veneer. This veneer is then adhered to an engineered wood panel.

Durable and long-lasting with outstanding physical and chemical characteristics, reconstituted wood veneer is sealed and topcoated for ultimate durability. All reconstituted wood veneers are made of authentic wood and provide top-quality grain consistency and color.


Find it All at Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

At Plain & Fancy, we have a reputation of excellence in service, products, and family-centered customer care. With 2018 marking our 50th anniversary, we can’t help but look back and be proud of all the kitchens and bathrooms we’ve designed and installed with our custom cabinetry.

To learn more about Plain & Fancy’s custom cabinetry services, please feel free to visit our Design Center in Schaefferstown, or find a showroom in your area.

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