The Story of Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

1968: How it Began
Over 40 years ago, Plain & Fancy founder John Achey’s hobby was making cabinets... handcrafted, hand rubbed, extraordinarily handsome cabinets. The kind he’d be proud to have in his own home. In 1968, his “hobby” turned into the pursuit of a dream when John, his wife, Loretta, and just four “employees” – their kids – began building cabinetry in their Richland, Pennsylvania garage. One of America’s most sought after custom cabinetry brands was born. It was named, quite simply, for the cabinets they made... plain ones and fancy ones.

1972: First plant opens in Richland, PA
The Acheys could take their business only so far in the garage. So, in 1972, they took the leap and opened their first plant. No small feat, considering the country was in the middle of a recession. At 6,000 square feet and 7 employees, it was tiny compared to the Plain & Fancy of today. But the Richland plant would do the trick for more than a decade to come.



1984: The move

Time to grow again. In 1984, cabinetry construction, finishing operations and corporate offices were moved to Plain & Fancy’s current location in Schaefferstown. All of the cabinet doors were still being made at the Richland facility. With newfound room to move, Plain & Fancy continued to grow, as did its reputation for crafting fine custom cabinetry.


1998: The passing of the torch

After 30 years at the helm, John Achey decided it was time to appoint his successor. His eldest son, George “Butch” Achey, was named president of Plain & Fancy and continues in that role today. Although officially retired, because making the best custom cabinetry east of the Mississippi was in John’s blood, he remained an active daily fixture at the shop.



2002: Farewell to our founder

In June 2002, John Achey passed away. With his passing, the industry lost a great leader and innovator. And the Acheys and the Plain & Fancy “extended family” lost their kind and caring patriarch. But because John Achey poured heart and soul into his life’s work, he rests peacefully knowing that every cabinet that leaves Plain & Fancy is precisely the way he would want it to be.




2003: John Achey is inducted into the NKBA Hall of Fame

John Achey exemplified the “plain” in Plain & Fancy: plainspoken, plain dealing and just plain decent. He didn’t make a fuss; he just made the best cabinetry he knew how to make. And that was more than good enough. No matter how big his business became, John remained just a hard-working man from a small town.




2004: John's dream comes true

John had always dreamed of having all of Plain & Fancy’s manufacturing consolidated at one location in Schaefferstown, PA. Although he didn’t live to see this become a reality, his Plain & Fancy family made sure it did. In the summer of 2004, Plain & Fancy officially began crafting cabinet doors at its brand new, state-of-the-art door & millwork manufacturing facility.




2008: The finishing facility is unveiled

Our high-tech, precision, ultra-efficient finishing facility makes its impressive debut. Boasting 44,000 sq. ft. and state-of-the-art Italian finishing equipment, the finishing facility compliments hand-applied finishes and treatments.

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